Online Training:

  • Analyse existing educational materials for carers of people with dementia
  • Create a methodology for making existing and new content widely available
  • Create multimedia materials about symptoms, caring methods and technology interventions
  • Foster a European community of carers that collaborate on addressing issues as they arise in their day-to-day work and experience and match them with exisiting experts and professionals in the field
  • Pilot the the portal and communities for 6 months with existing and prospective carers across Europe
  • Validate the methodology and content, how they alleviate the burden of carers
  • Launch a digital service involving all relevant stakeholders

Innovative educational methods and content:

  • shorter simpler course modules
  • endorsed by leading experts in the field of dementia care
  • including new technologies for monitoring and supporting
  • interactive multimedia training focusing on user’s experience

Wide accessibility:

  • three-layer online community structure bringing together experts, professionals and carers
  • online platform for discussion, knowledge dissemination and provision of online training
  • multi-lingual (RO, EN, SE, IT, NL, ES) pan-European online service
  • distribution via internet, mobile phones and digital television

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